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Thread: European Union 50th Anniversary celebrations

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    European Union 50th Anniversary celebrations

    Yes Europe has gone wild and crazy about the 50th anniversary of the signing of the treaty of Rome.

    I hear that in some countries they are planting a tree, in another the official EU office is having an open day, where you can count the paper clips and make a celebratory chain from them, before photocopying your bum and sending it to Brussels.
    England is doing what it usually does on such momentous occassions, having a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich then hoping it goes away (that's a straight EU cucumber of course, not a bendy one).
    Let's all party like it's 1998, 7 months and 3 days...yaaahooo wild and crazy Europe until 10:20pm, when we have to close so the cleaners can come in.

    Happy 50th Anniversary Europe.

    Don't forget it's not too late to get your ticket for the Belgian EU 50th celebratory concert, where Kim Wilde will sing her only hit from 1981...Kids in America.

    It's a strange, strange world, at times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    God bless the Queen, Country, and the UK for having the fortitude to keep their own identity and the pound sterling. However as smart and superior the Brits are they fell short by allowing colonials of the Middle East and Africa to move closer to the crown has gotten to my cold bones. Poor London is a far cry from Dickens and Mary Poppins for Christ's sake. What they need is another good fire with blocked exits.

    The EU members are losing their own identity despite the French insisting their culture is a live and well. Maybe it is since they give into the enemy ?
    No Stat, this wasn't meant as a political jibe, otherwise I'd have used DGT.

    It's a post that's intended to be humourous, otherwise they'll have me looking for a KTM too.

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    why do you hate the Masstricht Treaty

    i was truly amazed at the utter contempt my Scottish counterparts at the University of Stirling had for the EU, especially in the two classes i took that specifically dealt with the EU. it was almost like they took the classes with the sole intent of rallying against the whole concept. i noticed a lot of similarities between the anti-EU crowd in the UK and the anti-UN crowd here.

    woops, i made it political i think, this will prob be heading to DGT

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    I don't think it's the same as the UN issue here. The EU started out as the common market...shared market with easier trading links, good idea. It's evolved beyond that and some are reluctant to adopt the powers, beyond trade, that the EU want member countries to comply with as set out in the Masstrict Treaty, which had been created by and in the interest of, those with the most to gain politically.
    That's why it wasn't ratified by all. I believe a new draft has been created and has either slipped through or is in the process of being slid in under the radar.

    Of course there's always the fear of losing national identity to the EU bureaocracy, which wouldn't have been a concern under the common market idea.

    I think the extent of the Celebratory Parties show that the EU is far from settled on its agenda and its acceptance in the hearts of the Europeans.

    The biking laws are being hit hard by EU commisioners, when they aren't defining vital matters like the uniformity of cucumber size and bend, meat content percentages of sausages and other such matters.

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