Camping at our rallies is not new to me and I prefer it. Our National events, however have differed quite a bit over the years, regarding sites! It must be tough to find"West Bends", as this was a great one for camping. I was rather shocked to find both Ohio and Vermont lacking anything but pasture and dirt for camping. West bend is a winner in recent memory for having the best! Keep it fresh in our minds for what a rally site can be. Wyoming will be a lot of fun, as I have travelled Wyoming many times, but its the "West" and grass is something to cherish in Wyoming and points west. I hope the rally site is an exception to this rule and has plenty of grass for camping. Dirt rallies are not fun. Camping on concrete or pavement with good gear, would even beat dirt. Thanks Karol, for the hard work and Wyoming, as this area of our country is exceptional for those who ride a lot. Its BIG country out here and nothing like the eastern USA, with tons to do in the wilderness. GS's will indeed be the ticket for those most adventurous. Randy13233 PS; I followed you some on your Iron Butt ride this past year and it was interesting. You passed nearby my home in CA., as many riders did. Happy Trails.