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Thread: Headlight bulbs by PIAA!

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    Headlight bulbs by PIAA!

    I am putting a 80/80w bulb in my headlight today, by PIAA and have not used this one before. Expensive! I cannot find the others I've been using and found my BMW shop had the PIAA, so I got it. The Osram, Sylvania and others are much more reasonably priced and last a lot of years too, but I dropped my bike in my garage a couple days ago and the bulbs don't like this. I live in a half million population town(nearby) and found the 55/85w combo H4 I bought in Canada a few years back to be impossible to find. I worked so good, too. The standard 55/65 BMW has been vacant in my bike for 20+ years, as I have not gone stock wattage since way back. These are very easy to find, however anywhere at most any parts source. Well, the 80/80w PIAA goes in today and I ride a lot at night, so the test is forthcoming, this evening. I hear it is a really good light bulb and it had better be for 45$...Nearly three+ times the $$$ of my earlier bulbs, which I would still use if I could find them. I did not try the internet for my research, so I am guilty of only shopping my town stores, to no avail...Randy13233, R100/7',78

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    It appears that Bosch no longer makes the bulb you had. (55/65watt).
    They do make a much brighter one though. 80/100watt.
    If you have the electrical system to handle it, these are excellent bulbs. I have one in my 1981 R100RT and it really lights up the road. Hardly ever need to turn on the extra driving light except for the really dark and rainy nights.

    You can order them from numerous online stores. Average pricing is around $25 USD plus shipping. Or check out some of the bigger autoparts stores.

    Been riding for over 35 years and don't bother with those so called "Motorcycle Headlight Bulbs", as they really are not worth the premium price. Been using standard Bosch bulbs for years and on average get around 3-4 years on a bulb. Just pop down the the local Canadian Tire autoparts store and get another one for aroudn $15-20 Cdn. Yes, some things are still cheaper in Canada.

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    Just yesterday I tried a Piaa bulb for the first time. My F650CS has one of the most useless headlights I have ever owned. The plastic headlight assembly has a wonderful side to side adjustment but you can't adjust the stupid thing up and down. Oh there is a supposed adjustment but the range does not actually raise the light up to the desired height. Its a total POS design!

    Riding with just the low beam I am over riding the light at about 40 mph. Yesteday I put in a Piaa 55w extreme white bulb that they claim puts out
    110w of light. I was hoping this light would actually be brighter than the el'cheapo bulb I had in there.

    In my unscientific dark garage test it is not at all brighter. In fact it appears to actually be a little bit dimmer. So the $32 spent on the bulb was a waste. Its back to just riding around with the high beam on. In two years of riding to work with the low and high beam on I have had exactly 1 person flash their lights for me to dim mine. That should give you an idea of what a pathetic light this bike has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridealot View Post
    I put in a Piaa 55w extreme white bulb that they claim puts out 110w of light.
    Which nicely describes the the 'hype" artists that are PIAA.

    Stick with European stuff, i.e. Phillips and Osram.

    Read stuff here:

    Buy bulbs here:
    Kent Christensen
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    PIAA Bulbs

    I used PIAA bulbs for a while, then realised I was replacing these expensive bulbs every 6 months-about every 10,000 miles. I went back to a 100/80 watt conventional H-4.

    I thought the PIAAs slightly better in truly dark conditions, but useless in murky ones.

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