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Nice shot. funny but I was thinking the other nite that if I still had my old 66 Dodge Dart, I could have taken a picture of the ****er, as it was the three speed kind on the steering colmun known as "Three on the Tree!" and I log in today and what do I see? A Three on a Tree!

Ha Ha!

(boy does that date me!)

Anyone who remembers those also proably knows what PITA those were as the linkage got old and mis-alined and you'd have to fiddle with it to engage it not to mention the non-syncro first gear! by the time you got it from first into second on an uphill you had slowed down so much you had to go back into first, which meant pretty much coming a stop then starting all over again! Ha Ha!

Not to get too off topic (and I think you should still take your photo, BTW), but I drove one vehicle like that... ONCE. I was contemplating buying a 1966 Ford Bronco (the small ones), but it was overpriced. That was the hardest thing to shift; especially since the shifter arm was loose. Add to that anemic brakes and it was quite a ride... and yes, that 1966 was more than a little older than I am, which is why I've never seen one before or since.