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I shot the Three Metal Amigos several ways. There were actually four of them, side by side. My first several shots were of their fronts (south three and north three) but that then included a messy background of store-fronts across the lot behind the Amigos. I decided the background would be better if I shot from behind. Again south three and north three to see which colors I liked best. Good point about crouching down - that is at least the second time the error of not doing that has been noted.

Shot on auto with a very small Fuji Finepix Z5.
I think this goes to show that in spite of my glib critiques, often a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the execution of a photo, and often that is the best result given the circumstances. Thanks for enlightening me.

Because you rightly showed me only three, I assumed that was the reality. Very interesting. . . .