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Thread: Riding school.

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    Riding school.

    For my 60th birthday I am getting a riding school (no, not the whole school). I ride a 2005 R1200RT and reside in Houston Texas. Most of my riding is two up. Which school will be best to improve my on-road skills. I don't mind riding for a day or two to get to the school's location. My main concern is learning (almost wrote "leaning").

    Capt. Doron Grudo

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    I like CLASS. I have taken 2 of them.

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    Capitan, almost all the "schools" are track-oriented, but all will make you a much better rider, especially the leaning curve.

    The MSF Experienced Rider Course is apparently (haven't taken it) geared directly towards street riding, but I'm assuming you're asking about schools like Reg Pridmores' CLASS, etc.

    I have taken the three-day CLASS school at Laguna Seca, Freddie Spencer's three-day class in Las Vegas, and done the track day class run by Lone Star Track Days a couple of times.

    My opinions, and that's all they are, based on my exepriences:

    CLASS is geared towards go-fast guys, many of the students were repeat offenders, clearly there for the track experience. I was there to learn to ride better, and got honked at. I didn't get much attention from the instructors. I wouldn't go back.

    Spencer's school is much smaller class-sized, very close and direct supervision/teaching by very experienced pros, including Freddie himself. All bikes are provided (you'll be riding a Honda CBR600). They run classes on a short course in Las Vegas, or the huge Miller race course in Utah. I can't think of enough superlatives to say about Spencer's school.

    LSTD runs track days at Texas World Speedway in College Station, and at other tracks around the state. The school is just a few bucks more than the track day, and is well run, you get one instructor per three riders, all done very well. I suggest you sign up for an LSTD track day and school as a first step (February is very cold at 130mph on the front straight at TWS!), and then decide if you want to go to something like the Spencer school.

    If I missed the mark and you're looking for a street rider course, others will chime in on the various permutations around the country, but I guarantee you'll be a better rider after a day with the LSTD guys. Even I improved.

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    BMW has a school

    There is a link to info on the BMW riding program on the home page for the BMWMOA website, and apparently in the Dec. ON. I can't vouch for it, but it's on my list of things to do.

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    Thank you all for your help. I will look into the MSF experienced rider (took it once) and will do the Lone Star Track Days. Next will be Spencer.

    Thanks again. Be safe.

    Capt. grudo

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    Ken and JoAnna Murray will tailor the lessons to your needs:

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    Howdy Doron,

    I'll also second Mark's recommendation for LoneStar Track Days. I've ridden a bunch of events with them, both down at Texas World in College Station and up here at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson. They are very well structured, and limit registrations to make sure the ratio between instructors and students is met, and that the track isn't overcrowded.

    The main problem you might have with LSTD or any track program is that I don't think they'll allow you to ride 2-up ... and with that being your main focus, it would be beneficial to get in school/instruction time for the two of you. I'm not sure if the MSF programs would give you any more 2-up instruction.
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