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  • Great Musical Acts

    16 12.31%
  • More of a choice/cheaper Motel/Hotel/B&B's

    24 18.46%
  • Closer proximity to quality riding and alternate activities

    61 46.92%
  • Less wind

    6 4.62%
  • How far I have to ride to get there

    61 46.92%
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Thread: What helps you to decide whether to attend the National or not

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    Quote Originally Posted by apopj View Post

    Assuming the rally is not held in the snow, I guess the deciding factors for me in order of importance:

    1. Location If I have to ride too far for the rally, it would probably not make my list. As
    an example, I live in Ohio, USUALLY, I would not attend the rally if it were
    held in California (but who knows)

    2. Cost If I have to pay $200 a night for a cheap motel, probably not. I like to
    camp, but the wife doesn't. If you're married, you know how it is.

    3. Riding If the rally is in a flat, boring location, nix

    4. Weather If the rally is held in an area of terrible weather, nope. Like Death Valley in
    the summer. The rally is supposed to be fun, not a chore.

    There you have it.....
    I think you got it exactly right for many of us.
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    Probably not the right person to ask...

    I've been to exactly ONE national; the one in West Bend. For me, it was a no-brainer, as it was an easy ride for me here in Minnesota over to West Bend. I chose distance to the rally, as that is exactly what determined my attendance.

    However, I had a very good time at West Bend. The weather was phenomenal, the camraderie was fantastic, and for me, all things rally-related were very good.

    I'm going to make every effort to attend the rally in Gillette. It's more than twice as far for me, but still not all that far. I'll also get the opportunity to visit family and friends during the trip, which is a plus.

    Would I go if the rally if it were on one of the coasts in 2008? Probably not, due to family priorities and amount of vacation time that I'd want to use on a rally. Maybe in a few years, I'll be able to attend a national ANYWHERE, but not in 2008.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoone View Post
    I am curious.. If you are on the edge of going or not going to the National, what would influence your decision to go?
    Distance, at least until I retire, or hit Mega Bucks, then I will not care how far away it is. For now about 1,500 miles is the limit. 2 travel days each way.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    What helps you to decide whether to attend the National or not

    My boss.

    If the rally is a day away it's a no brainer.
    If it's 5 days away, it's a major trip.
    Some years the stars align, some years they don't.
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    2008 National Rally

    If my son-in-law goes, so will I. This will be his second and my first. He was so excited about last year's rally, that I bought a R1100RT just for the trip. We even bought some BMW shirts. We are from Illinois so the distance is good and the location sounds cool.
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    None of the options listed on the poll.

    We'll be there because we had such a good time at West Bend. We volunteered every day, met lots of new people, saw old friends and enjoyed every minute of it.

    My daughter, Jessica, was sad when it was over - she started counting the days until the next one in Gillette.

    Dave McConnachie

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    Time and distance

    I love everything about the rallies, especially the comraderie and opportunity to ride new roads with new (and old) friends. I simply don't have the time to ride three days each way, to and from, a rally. I rode more than 25,000 miles in 2007 so I do get out there, just not all at once, owing to job obligations. And, with rallies scheduled Wednesday through Saturday, if the trip is long, it's a two week, rather than one week, committment.

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    If there is a rally, I'll go. if there isn't, I won't! Good camping is important to me. It was crappy at Charleston, but the riding and seminars made up for it. There are usually more good things to do the time allows. My thanks to those who planthem.


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    I've been a member for several years but haven't been able to go to a National because of the distance from my home and the required time to get there. Almost went to Spokane a few years back but due to time considerations getting there and back, I just couldn't swing it.

    That said, I am very excited about Gillette. I went to the Black Hills last July for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the riding (it was very hot, though ). This summer, I plan to go out early in the week from Denver and visit Flaming Gorge, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone, Beartooth Pass, Cody (and all that's in-between) then into Gillette and the National for the weekend.

    I can't wait!
    Mike M

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    Whether or not there is room at Camp BEERS

    Actually for the past five years it has not been a question of going. I just put it on the calendar and go. Luckily for me July is relatively slow at work as we end our fiscal year in June and most of the fall sports work doesn't start until August. I still end up working some with the Blackberry attached to me but it is always a good time.

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    Did someone say "Beer"?? Well in that case ( no pun intended ) count me in!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gambrinus View Post
    Did someone say "Beer"?? Well in that case ( no pun intended ) count me in!

    You bringing Gus?

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Have never missed one

    I've never missed one (since I started riding in 1987), so I am not sure what would cause me to miss one.

    All I could come up with would be unfortunate personal circumstances like health or financial problems.

    See you all in Gillette! And in 2009! Oh yeah, and 2010, too..............

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    If it was just me, I would camp. However, my wife has a vote and won't camp. My wife loves to ride, but won't sleep in a tent. We're both from South Dakota and when I told her this years MOA rally was in Gillette, she thought I was kidding. Nobody in Dakotas vacation in Gillette. Gillette's usually a quick gas stop. Trying to convince her to stay in a Sherpa tent next to a beer tent would not go over well.
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    It's the placement in the time/money continuum that casts the deciding vote. I've been to two so far, I had a blast at both, and would love to be able to say that I'll never miss another, but the reality is I will probably not make Gillette this year.
    But I might, ya never know!
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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