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Thread: R65LS Ignition Switch Replacement

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    R65LS Ignition Switch Replacement

    I need to replace the ignition switch in the Spring on my '82 R65LS. I've not been able to find the key code and I would like to retain the same key for the ignition, seat, and fork lock. A reputable dealer researched the matter with BMWNA and was not able to obtain the code from my VIN#. They said the bike is too old. It seems my only option is to purchase a new switch with new keys.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might obtain the key code number necessary to order the orginal ignition switch/key combination?


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    R65LS Ignition Switch

    I've disassembled these switches to remove the original lock cylinder. It wasn't easy. Another option would be to replace all the locks with a new lock set. Your dealer will probably discover that the lock set for your bike is NLA, but you can still get a set for '81-'84 R80RT. You'll have two extra seat locks (intended for the boxes in the RT fairing), but you'll have matching locks.

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