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Since Vanzen doesn't post here very often, I hope he won't mind me speaking for him (he posts a bit more in another forum where I hang out). The short story is that he's been pretty busy with work lately. He's in trades and the work can be feast-or-famine. The upside is that once the work slacks off again, he might have some more cash to spend on getting the bike closer to finished.
last stone was set ... and now I'm laid-off ... so back to work !

engine parts are ordered for powerplant #1 – a K4V liter engine.
(K4V specific 312 cam, phosphor-bronze front cam carrier, sump extension w/ external oil filter, and etc...)

anyone have a clean used pair of R100 nikasil cylinders, size "B" to sell or trade ????
or a NON-dampened drive shaft ????

assembly of the engine will allow the misc bits and brackets to be placed,
and be assured that all fits together as a package / as expected.
(looks as if the battery will be tucked up under the trans ...)

I'm quite anxious to get this project underway ...

Rinty, you'll be happy to know that the bike now sets on appropriate jack-stands – black ones. LOL!

pic of modified timing chest and Omega crank-mount ignition: