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Thread: heated vest/jacket liners

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    Question Heat Troller

    I just bought the Gerbing liner jacket and installed the permanent mount heattroller on the GS dash.

    Whats up with this "permanent mount heattroller" Where do I get one?
    Jason Kaplitz
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    I've got the el-cheapo New Age vest ($109.00 Cdn) with a $4.00 Canadian Tire switch on it. Works like a charm. Cycle Canada has an ad for it every issue.

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    Well, I finally got a Gerbings jacket liner. I had been trying to find one in the spring locally, but none of the local bike shops stock it. The BMW dealer could order it in, but the price they quoted me for a special order was way too much. Then summer came and a mesh jacket seemed more important than heated liners. Well, fall arrived and with it cool mornings are back, so once again my search for warmth resumed. On my recent trip south of the border, I checked at a couple of shops I came by to see if they had the elusive Gerbings in stock. None did. I was trying to figure out if I could order it from the US to be shipped here, when as luck would have it, the local independent BMW shop, Anderwerks, recieved a big shippment of Gerbings gear. Saturday, the owner was hosting his annual Octoberfest and had a 10% discount for that day on all the new Gerbings stock. Although it was a beautiful 24 C (75 F) , I came home with my new Gerbings jacket liner and controller. Now I'm waiting for the temperature to drop so I can try it out

    Thanks to all for the advice.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    Info & do it yourself instructions

    Her is information on electric vests

    Do it yourself -

    I have not tried to make one yet. But, being as cheap as I am I will probably try it before I buy one retail.
    That way, when it is all said & done, I will have wasted time & money, as well as pay retail.

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    Voni's next adventure?

    Hyder -- as in Alaska, I assume? This is a personal, not an Ayres trip??? And what do you used for heated gear???

    1986 R80RT, 2005 R1200GS
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    Mac wrote:

    > Voni's next adventure?

    >Hyder -- as in Alaska, I assume? This is a personal, not an Ayres trip??? And what do you used for heated gear???

    I lead a Girls Just Want to Have Fun scouting tour to Hyder in July for Ayres Adventures. Wonderful fun!!! Plans are in the mix for another next summer - and another open to bothguys and gals.

    I'm never without my Gerbings jacket liner. Either I'm wearing it or it's packed in the bike. And I wear it even thought it's not RED.
    Ultimate compliment ; )

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