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These are great. I was going to say that I was leaning toward the first, but the third is growing on me. It seems that perhaps darker might be better. The second opens a lot of possibilities, not the least of which is the addition of a graphic or some text. Even without it evokes the emotion of solitude with warmth. Am I wrong, or is it a bit fuzzy? Perhaps just my old and whiskey-addled eyes.

In any case, these are powerful images, and I hope the Foundation will give them their due consideration.
Thanks, Tom.

The neither the autofocus nor I could see anything to get a clear focus, so I set it to infinity. I think it was too long by about 15-20 feet. Which really surprised me. I think I had the camera on shutter-priority, and I had assumed the aperture would be at 2.8 Apparently, it was at 5.6 (which I would have thought was low enough, too).

Next time, I'll set up the night shot fully manually, and I'll turn off the garage lights which are too bright for very long exposures.

I wasn't thinking this for the MOA; just part of the assignment. Now I understand the colored lights, etc. If we get another show, then I'll go all out for the MOA shot.

(I must be a little distracted at the moment.)