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Terry, I went back and looked at your three--beautiful animals. It seems I am constantly talking people out of getting Huskies though. Most just want them because they are so beautiful but have no idea how to handle them or what it takes to raise and train them. Mine heel, are boundary trained, will stay in their kennels with the door open until told to come out, etc. Folks don't have a clue what it takes to train a Husky in any manner that is contrary to their desire to run. And of course, if you don't have some way to engage that desire, you have a disaster on your hands. That said, they are totally worth it!
Yes I know what you mean, you have to train them at a very early age that you are the alpha, if not they rule the pack. Since I am the only female in the pack I am the alpha "bitch" (really I am a nice person) , my dogs can tell by my voice and the enunciation of there name.

We have had 3 black and white and 4 grey(wolf), not a red maybe someday they are so beautiful. Out of 14 eyes we have had 1 blue eye. Our first male was bi-eyed. It use to freak some people out, or they though he was blind in one eye.

Nice to talk to you about our sibs.