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Thread: enduro bags for /2

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    enduro bags for /2

    Does anyone have a link to the firm that is manufacturing replica black enduro bags for a /2? I have a 68 R60-US currently with cravens that I have been contemplating switching to those beautiful teardrop shaped bags.

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    I had a set of these that I bought from Bob's, who no longer carries them.

    I've called and spoken with the Luxor guy linked above... he does run sets of these from time to time.

    You'll want to have them pinstriped for the complementary look... Bob's handled that for me.

    I believe I paid $550 for them, plus pinstriping.

    They were of good quality, although they did rub the shock towers, so I place some small rubber bumpers in between the shocks and the bags.

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    /2 Enduro bags

    Thye repos are made of a different material and are smooth finished. The originals had a "pebbled" finish and came in two different sizes....narrow and wide line.

    The Enduro company also made bags for /5 and /6 bikes and were located in CT.

    If you get a set, make sure the retaining chain for the lids is attached. Lids fly off quite easily and are harder to replace than chicken knees.

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    The Enduros are very pretty and work well with a slash-2's lines.

    Another period alternative, which is some ways is more practical, are bags made by Craven.

    Though different in style than the Enduros, they hold more, are more easily accessed, and -- in their own way -- are also beautiful.
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