Hi everyone,
First off I would like to say I have bee riding for 32 years.
I am a member of the Blue Knights LEMC since 1994 NY 2.
I have been on the escort team for 5 years.
I feel and have been told I‘«÷m an exceptional rider.
I have a problem and I need some advice and some help.
I purchased a BMW K1200 LTE 2003 in April of 2003.
I have less than 3200 miles on the bike.
I have had 3 Clutches replace under warranty due to ‘«£faulty parts‘«ō.
I have had problems with the charging system and radio.
I can go in to details of dates and other problems and I will in the future.
Now Im having problems with the clucth again and the BMW representative still wont authorize a replacement bike.
I‘«÷m posting this in hope that some one might be able to give me some advice or know who can turn to so I can get this problem resolved.
I purchase the bike new from a dealer in New York and I live in New Jersey.
I was told by customer service at BMW North America that there are no Lemon laws and they are not required to provide me with a new bike. In the past year my bike has been in the shop 12 weeks on and off for problems. Im at the end of my rope and was hoping some one out there that has had experience with a new motorcycle lemon could help. I want BMW to come to bat and replace this bike with a new one, and they seem to be disinterested in helping me.
They compensated me by sending me a check for $345 for being inconvenienced while my bike was being serviced under warranty.
My e-mail is hshash@aol.com and would be grateful for some intelligent input or if someone can point me in the right direction.

Harry Shasho

I have sent a long letter 4 page letter no one has replied to it as of yet. My bike is in service being checked out and repaired once again under waranty for the fourth time.
Geeze I have 143000 on my Harley with the original factory clutch.
Im at a lose for words.