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Thread: Great ride yesterday in Colorado

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    Great ride yesterday in Colorado

    244 miles in 5.5 hours on my 03 GT netting 48mpg average. The more I ride this thing the more I want to. Cheyenne to Wellington to LaPorte cruise control. LaPorte to Masonville via rist canyon and buckhorn roads 5th and 6th gear most of the way. Love the wide power band and tremendous engine braking this bike has. Completely effortless relaxing ride. Somewhere on this leg I felt my self meld into the bike and become one with her. The lower and narrower RS seat with the slight rise of the RCU risers was the perfect choice. Taking the right at Masonville and continuing south on buckhorn I then went right (to the west) on 34 toward Estes Park. Took the fork to Glen Haven and up near Glen Haven started dipping into 4th. This bike is so relaxing to ride on twisty roads and quiet with the Lip. The subtle precision machine sounds emanating from below are a joy and relaxing all at the same time. Stopped in Estes Park for gas with 108 mile's on the trip meter and she only took 2.2 gallons. Wanted a bottle of water and a rest room break so why not top off the tank as well. Took 36 to Lyons and was contemplating the interstate back home. That thought lasted a few seconds before I did a u-turn and reversed the entire route. The BMW comfort temp under shirt for $135.00 is well worth the money. I felt varying temperatures on my legs from down right chilly to pretty warm with only denim but my upper body maintained a nice cool feeling the whole way. I will always wear this thing under my long sleeve BMW shirt and Joe Rocket ballistic coat when riding the beemer in cooler temp's. Can't wait to test this combination in really hot temperatures with a First Gear mesh jacket.

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    Estes Park!

    Now that sounds like a good time! I know what you mean when you say that you are becoming one with the bike, I feel the same way the more I ride my R1150RT. I don't know of any other bike that gives me so much fulfillment when riding. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the day, it is a little too chilly here to get too far, but the short trips will do for now. Those GT's do look incredible.

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