My name is Nick and I was a gear whore!!!

Down here in South Louisiana, the temps are so crazy, thrown in with a little bit of cold weather. So, if one travels from this area, one needs all kinds of gear. In my quest to find some "all season" gear I have finally settled down to the following.

When I first bought my GS in 06, my wonderful bride found me a NWT Savannah II (with liner) for a steal on Ebay. I have fell in love with that jacket!!! I've since bought (and sold) a Darien and other jackets as well. But at times that jacket still is a little too much as far as heat goes (remember, here where we are is gets soo hot that your sweat sweats at times!)...

As far as jackets, I have settled for 2.
1) The BMW Savanah II jacket with gore-tex liner
2) The Tourmaster Intake jacket. It's a mesh jacket with re-inforced shoulders and elbows and comes with a removable rain and winter liner (plus they came in tall sizes / good for me being 6'3").
When it gets really cold, I have my BMW Heated vest or Stitch heated liner. That way I can wear the liner separate of the jacket around the campsite in cold weather.

A pair of Dariens and just last month,an across a pair of Savannah II pants (with liners).
So, now I have a complete Savanah II suit (with liners) and then my Darien/Tourmaster suit.

Tourmaster Jacket link
I just wanted to put in my 0.02 for today.

Hope this helps.