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Thread: Best Multi-tool

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    I have an original Leatherman tool given to me by Mr. Leatherman himself. I was at their shop in Portland OR. I was their FedEx guy, and had never seen one. He showed it to me, I thought it was cool and asked where I could buy one. He said here. Still have it, and it goes everywhere with me.

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    At the 2004 Blitz to Branson a few of us got into a Gerber Vs. Leatherman debate. The Leatherman won because it had a bottle-opener. Hey, we BMW riders know our priorities!

    I have two Leatherman tools. One is a PST2 from about 1996, which I carry in the car most of the time and on the bike when I travel. it is STILL the sharpest blade I have ever met.
    The other is a Super Tool 200 that I carry at work. You'd be surprised how much stuff in a hospital you can take apart with a Leatherman! This tool has been subjected to almost four years of professional abuse and the joints are still tight and the blade is still sharp. It's the most unbeatable tool I've ever used.
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    I spent my working life as an airline mechanic. We all carried multi tools, and always compared. Many of us were also motorcyclists and outdoorsmen. We did not always agree, but a lot of us liked the original Swisstool, from Victorinox. It's positive locking blades were a major factor for me. As a BMW rider, I expect all my gear to be of similar quality.

    I have bought and used way too many of them. I am a gadget junky, and, what the heck, they were deductable. Each of them had an advantage in at least one area, though. The later production Leatherman had more breakages and seemed to have inferior steel in the knife blades. Most owneres got tired of putting up with them. I bought a compact model Leatherman for its size, and it picked up some grit. I wrote them about what tool it required to disassemble it for proper cleaning. They wrote back telling me just to oil it. Of course, that is not how to maintain anything worth keeping. That answer made me feel as if they were just blowing me off. I believe their production kept moving to ever-cheaper countries, ending up in China.

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