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Thread: LED lights 6 volt

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    LED lights 6 volt

    I want to add some additional lighting to the rear of my R60US. It has a Wixom top case on the rear which is about 12" wide. I've seen some 8 - 12" LED light bars/strips for motorcycles that would fit the bill, but so far all are 12 volt.
    Anyone know of a 6 volt product ?

    or.. I'm toying with the idea of two or maybe even four 59 Cadillac bullet lights with 6 volt LED bulbs I've seen on ebay protruding out of the rear of the top case.... a bit Quadraphenia I know, but it might work out.
    The one coffee can, even with the LED kit from CuLayer doesn't seem to get enough attention. I have to wear a hi viz Darrien jacket in order to feel visible. Maybe I can find some battery operated christmas lights to string over myself during the holiday season ?
    The top box is the right height and placement and if I had to drill a hole or two there that would be more acceptable that elsewhere.
    Any comments from the peanut gallery or suggestions from the experienced and knowlegeable ?

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    I don't know of any LED light bars for 6V systems -- as you say, everything I've seen is for 12V.

    I "adapted" a license plate frame and added a dozen high intensity LEDs to it on my /3, and hooked them up to the brake light. I wish I could report that this worked great, but I was still hit from behind -- by a rider in my own group, no less.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    He steered toward what he was looking at.
    I hope the matter was resolved to everybody's satisfaction.
    I gave up and went to the light side (12Volts).
    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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