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Thread: Fuel Petcock ?

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    Question Fuel Petcock ?

    I have bought new petcocks for a spare fuel tank and just need to know what kind (if any) of 'pipe dope' or sealant to use when attaching the petcocks to the tank. Seems the usual plumbing stuff would not be correct on a fuel tank. The tank, which I'm refinishing, had some kind of gunk on the threads so I'm assuming I'll need to re-do that when installing the new petcocks.

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    No gunk or sealant is used...sounds like the PO used it to cover up some problem. Most likely there should be a screen/filter element that fits up inside the tank. It comes with a built in washer. The nut that is used has two sets of threads, both right-hand and left-hand. It pulls the petcock up to meet the output stub of the tank. Make sure that the stub of the tank is flat all the way across with no sharp edges. Dress the end with a file, being careful not to mess up the threads.
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