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Thread: XI BMW Mexico International Convention.

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    XI BMW Mexico International Convention.

    The task was presented for more than a year of anticipation : Our XI International convention was going to take place in the North of our country, in Monterrey (MTY), Nuevo Le??n.
    I decided to get there two days before. My wife and I wanted to visit the Universal Forum of Cultures, and also I wanted to be close to my friends of MTY to see if they needed something.
    We took a romantic walk through the "Paseo Santa Luc?a" (Tuesday), which is a road with a small river aside, something like the one you have in San Antonio, Texas. And we also saw the 2501 inmigrants, which are sculptures made from an artist from Oaxaca, our hometown.
    We also visited (Wednesday) the presentation "Isis and the feathered serpent" in the Forum... very impresive. It shows the similarities between the Egyptian and the Aztec Cultures. Then we went to "Americas and Inmigration" where you can learn that everything migrates, like people, money, culture, food, nature, etc. We also saw the expo of artcrafts from Mexico.
    Next day (Thursday) we went to the Glass Museum. Glass is one of the mayor activities in MTY, with steel. And then we went back to our host hotel to say HI to our fiends that were getting to the event.
    On Friday we went to Bocapalma, which is a park close to a dam, and there we had lunch with friends from our country, Canada, USA and Central America. Some guys did a longer ride to Rayones, just to try some twisty Mexican roads.
    On Saturday we rode to the ecological park of Chipinque, and then we had lunch in El Cortijo San Felipe, where a rodeo and a lot of surprises were waiting for us.
    At the evening we had the closing ceremony, with casino games and some raffles. A lucky friend of us won the R 1200 S, which was the main price. On that ceremony, with a delicious supper, wine, Mexican beer (of course !) and all you need to have a wonderfull time, we gave two important awards : Ken O'Malley, form Mandeville, Louissiana, was named Honorific Ambassador of the BMW Mexico National Moto Club for the U.S.A. and Carol Taub, from Toronto, Canada, got the same award, but for Canada (of course). This is the FIRST time we have these recogitions in our National Moto Club, and we are very happy and honored to do so to two of our closets friends.
    And............ My friend Jean Copas gave me a recognition from the BMW MOA, for all I have done to bring our countries together through our sport.
    Well, sorry about my English, which is far from perfect, but let's go to see some photographs !!!

    Self-portrait with my love in the front (I mean my wife).

    Presence of Oaxaca in MTY : 2501 made of clay and two of flesh and bones.

    My wife, Aurora, at the gate of "Isis y la Serpiente Emplumada".

    The steel structures in the Fundidora Park are the "main plate".

    An old drugstore in the Glass Musem.

    Parking lote at Bocapalma, in our first day ride.

    The "Halcones of Monterrey" which was the host Moto Club. (Halcones means Hawks).

    With Rita and Ken O'Malley, in Bocapalma.

    Our Canadian friends not only saved their table, they saved their Mexican beers too !!!

    Our friends from Veracruz took a van of the Caf? de la Parroquia, the most famous coffee in Mexico.

    Lunch at Bocapalma : goat, beef, etc. . . .

    Second day ride ... We love our RT !!!

    The Ecological Park of Chipinque is very attractive, especially if you share it with your friends and their BMW motorcycles.

    This tallllllllll guy is Jim, from Texas. The Mexican ladies love to have photos with him.

    They threw me to the arena in Cortijo San Felipe's rodeo. Let's see what the President is made of ...

    Ol? !!!!!!!!!! (Those horns were real !!!)

    Marco Antonio, one of my closets friends and former National President, was more clever, doing the bullfighting with a BMW helmet.

    And here are the Presidents of the affiliated Clubs playing "poker". Nobody moves !!!

    Carol sending a messege, once she got her certificate as an Honorific Ambassador.

    And Ken O'Malley, performing his specch.

    It was a wonderful experience being with all our friends from the USA and Canada.
    We really hope you join us next year. Our main event will take place in Jalisco, visiting Guadalajara, Tequila and Puerto Vallarta.

    See you in Gillette 2008 !!
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    Ruben Tenorio.
    International Delegate.- BMW Moto Clubes Mexico.
    Vicepresident.- BMW Clubes Federaci??n Latino Americana.
    Ambassador.- BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.

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    Wonderful report of a fantastic rally. Makes me want to be there now!

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    I??m sorry.
    I think Jim is not that tall after all...

    I missed the TECATE girls...

    Another look at the 2501 sculptures made of clay...

    Thanks !
    Ruben Tenorio.
    International Delegate.- BMW Moto Clubes Mexico.
    Vicepresident.- BMW Clubes Federaci??n Latino Americana.
    Ambassador.- BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.

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    Excellent Rally Report and Great Photographs showing the fun of a Mexican BMW Rally!!


    Muchas gracias para the Tecate girls! Nothing beats the enjoyment of a motorcycle rally in Mexico. Whether a BMW Rally in Cuernavaca or taking my Harley-Davidson Super Glide to Bike Week in Mazatlan. I'm especially interested in leading MOA Club AZ Beemers #89 to the State of Jalisco in 2008 for the rally.

    Ruben, is the 2008 Mexico International Convention going to be located at lodgings somewhere halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara?

    XII is a year away, but when you have more details please let me know and I'll post them to ASAP. We ride to Mexico from Phoenix every three months, we are going to Bahia Kino, Sonora over February 15-18 and we just returned from Barranca del Cobre. We leave for Catalonia: Pyrenees and Barcelona for two weeks in May. I have been to Museo del Tequila, but I was smart enough to take The Tequila Bus from Guadalajara. I would like to try The Tequila Express that leaves from the Guadalajara train station. After a few hours y mas bebidas at Perseverencia y La Rojena distilleries: El Borracho!


    Don Stanley; aka Chuy Medina "El Burrito Ballerina"
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