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Thread: Last of fall report (yes I think this is really it folks!)

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    Last of fall report (yes I think this is really it folks!)

    Unusually warm today, for mid-late Nov. but tomorrow winter sets in it seems and I imagine the last of the leaves will shortly depart Northern Va, so.....

    Found some trees that had an interesting mix of shades and hues as the leaves went through a progression of colors.

    A Final Fall Ride
    (The next one will be winter)

    77?? Sun-warmed November day
    When it should be late fall and chilly

    Trees are still turning
    Though they are almost done

    Short, pre-turkey dinner ride
    To capture the last leaves

    Just one of those of things
    We all have done

    Tomorrow they say winter will finally arrive
    and the leaves will all be gone

    Pan dripping calling me home
    Everything is as it should be

    Enjoy the day, we never know
    How many more there may be!


    Happy Turkey day everyone!

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    Wow, man, those are sure some pretty colors. Hope your thanksgiving was as happy as mine.

    Here's to tomorrow. . . .

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