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Thread: Seeking possible Natl. Rally sidekick

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    Seeking possible Natl. Rally sidekick


    I am Rodney in Louisiana. I may be interested in making plans to make the Natl. Rally round trip with a "podnuh" that I find on here.

    My touring style is thus: Semi laid back, power naps, leave early on the first day, camp when I can, hotel when I have to, I am a light to non-snorer, non-smoker, enjoy both the sights and the ride, not go exactly straight there or back. Probably take more time getting back than going, an important part of the day is finding the campsite and the buffet for supper (hee hee).

    I have 18 calender days blocked out available, beginning on a Saturday.

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    what route are you going?

    I'd be interested in meeting up along the way. I'll be coming up from Austin, TX.


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    Can I suggest that you hit the Top O' Rockies Ralley in Coloarado on the way to Nationals? It is on your way and would break up your trip rather nicely.

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