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Thread: Route from Minnesota to Gillette

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    Quote Originally Posted by redclfco View Post
    Would like to drop over the Big Horn Canyon Rec area if I can find the right road...
    I'd like to do that too, someday. I think you can get down the west side to Lovell from Billings, but the way I heard it, to get down the east side from the Yellowtail dam, you have to know somebody on the Crow Rez. It might be easier if you just want to ride a bike, but for sure they don't want you hunting in there without permission. I haven't taken it, but there is a well-marked road from Burgess Jct. up into Montana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flymymbz View Post
    We've done these roads as well (yearly trip from Central WA to southern MN). We aren't in a hurry, small town folk are friendly. Use caution at the fuel station, though, they have that nasty, crappy ethanol laden garbage that passes for fuel. We stick to premium between Billings, MT and Faribault, MN.

    I'm pretty sure all fuel in MN has ethanol unless marked otherwise. Premium won't guarantee it doesn't have eth in it. Only pumps with the 'non-oxygenated' label are non-eth. I don't think everyone marks theirs, but best to ask.

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