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    K75S Original Litter

    How many more of the original litter are still kicking? Anyone??

    All US spec K75Ss were frame (VIN) numbered consecutively, starting with the last six #s of 150001.

    The original litter from May of 1986 was 150001 thru 150325.

    The last of the line was 154600 that was born in September 1994

    I have 0005 (just acquired 12/17)
    Paul Glaves has 0019 (it figures he would have the oldest one) not anymore
    36532 has 0024
    Cafecubano has 0067
    I have 0081
    brhartw has 0106
    DrPaul has 0141 (barnfind with 8k on the clock)
    mgalie has 0161
    ghostridery2k has 0166
    dabberAT10 has 0225
    35634 has 0231
    Tomsljr has 0232
    Ortme has 0249
    gsthephani has 0250
    Inline Triple has 0286

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