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Thread: 2003 K1200RS Cruise control

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    2003 K1200RS Cruise control

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and everyone seems to be helpful.The hydro control unit for my abs went bad last year and rather than replace it due to cost I converted over to non abs. My mechanic friend and I were unable to have brake lights or a tail light with the micro switches for some unknown reason. We installed brake line pressure switches very easily and solved that problem. I have excellent brakes and all lights.I lost my cruise control when the hydro unit went bad and we are unable to determine if I can still have cruise control and how to do so. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
    I have been able to find my answers through youtube and other sources. I need to remove the pressure switches and make use of the existing micro switches. Many thanks to the following people on youtube: Chris Harris,mky 1200rs,MB and Simon Fleming.
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    I assume you have answered your own question?
    For others who might be interested, my understanding is as follows. Removal of the servo unit and replacement with a straight non-ABS system will result in brakelights on all the time. You can play electrical games with a relay which will right the system.
    It sounds like your approach of ignoring the stock hardware and using new pressure switches in your non-ABS system, has led the cruise control to assume the brakes are being applied because the stock wiring still sees brake lights all the time. That will cause the cruise control to cut out.
    No one said it'd be easy!

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    Thanks tonycarlos. Yes I believe I have the solution but it will be another month before I can do any work on the bike.

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