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Thread: Calling all K75RT owners...

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    Calling all K75RT owners...

    I'm looking for a K75 for my wife and I'm wondering if you think a K75RT is too bulky for a women who is 5'3". While I consider her an experienced rider, she doesn't consider herself "strong" to muscle big bikes.

    Most of the riding we do is weekend rides using highways or super driving is rare but it does happen. We've are planning lengthy trips so the hard bags are nice.

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    Depends on her inseam; if she's less than 28 inches then she may be uncomfortable and feel unsafe even if it is lowered.

    If she is an experienced rider, and not just considered to be one by you, then she will know she shouldn't have to muscle a bike much, she will know how to set up for stops, watch for bad footing conditions, etc. No differently than if it is a short man riding. The K75RT is a bike that handles well even when lowered with short shocks and lower seat. Bar backs are helpful to women.

    She'll love the RT fairing's protection, and the K75RT has less bulk than many of the other touring-type BMW fairings.

    She could do worse.

    (Dang, I just sold one...too bad for you.)

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    Weight wise, my owner's manual lists a laden weight of 502 lb for a plain K75 and 564 for a K75RT (fully laden - fluids and full tank.) So the RT adds 62 lb and much of that is carried high (I think.)

    Once she's rolling, there is nothing to muscle, but depending on her strength, it could be a lot when stopped. Can you have her try one out? If the RT is too heavy and she's happy with a plain K75, you cam probably add a small fairing or windshield that won't weigh much but will provide some protection. Since she's not so tall, she might be comfortable with a smaller pocket behind the fairing than the K75RT provides. Or maybe an RS would be adequate at about 15 lb heavier than the plain K75.

    Either way, she's probably going to be more comfortable on one with the low seat kit.
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    Thanks Hank

    Thanks for posting the weight specs.

    That's the first thing she looks at.

    I think a K75 with no fairing is probably the way to go and then add something but I'm going to keep the options open.

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    Tina had a K75. While she liked the bike, the seat is so wide it splayed her legs enough that she had a hard time getting even the toes of her feet down.

    She's now on an 1150R with the factory low seat. She's much more comfortable on that bike and is confident in parking lots despite it weighing a bit more than her K75.

    BMW has started to measure seat height a different way now. They measure an effective inside distance from the ground, up over the seat and back to the ground. This probably helps account for wide seats better than a simple seat height measurement. It appears that Tina will be able to ride the new GS without difficulty.

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    Re: Calling all K75RT owners

    I purchased a friend's 1994 K75RT last year and really enjoy it. I had only been riding for about a year when I bought it and it was definitely a major step up in terms of weight and power compared to my Honda Rebel 450. My inseam is 29" and I would not have considered riding the K75 without the low seat modification. I also have a Works short shock and am very comfortable with this set up. It is definitely a trade off if you go without the windshield and fairing. You reduce the weight but you lose the wind protection of the RT - I love this feature when I am riding on highways or secondary roads. Good luck.


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