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Thread: Commuting: Agony or Ecstasy?? you Decide...

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    Commuting: Agony or Ecstasy?? you Decide...

    A Matter of Attitude

    The day started gray, as fall days often do
    But the ride in was still pleasant
    Dawn lit the mist, softening distant images

    When I got to work
    The tree were busy preparing for winter
    Taking their last long drink of fall

    Riding home that afternoon
    I took the back roads as I always do
    City streets hold no attraction for a rider

    If you’re a rider you’ll understand
    If not, there’s no point in my trying
    to explain it, just accept it and move on

    I stopped at an old cemetery I pass every day
    And had been meaning to stop at
    But never had, today was somehow different

    There were headstones that spoke from
    Days gone by, Names remembered with flowers
    Other forgotten and faded into the dim past

    The trees seemed happy with the recent rain
    And shook their branches in greeting as I wandered among the stones,
    My cohort and provider waiting patiently nearby

    Its nearly winter and the colors are late this year
    Perhaps nature was just playing with us
    I can’t blame her for that, who likes being predictable?

    Then it was time to leave
    But not before one more stop
    The ride and the walk needed a final point of reflection

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    Nice photos, Rocketman! (R U riding a K12LT now?? )

    I got up early the other morning for work, and even tho it was 28 deg. I opted to ride the 25 miles into Roanoke. Lucky for me I took the scenic road over Chestnut Mtn. and got to see this. It was even more spectacular in person:

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    It's all in the attitude


    Stunningly beautiful pictures. Very, very nice. . . . Out west here we just don't see colors like these. Wow.

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    Tanks guys!

    Hey Hank hows tricks? long time no see.. say I didn't know your brother was up this way, I saw his report on you-alls recent ride on the local BMW squared board . Nice! And yeah, sunrises from mountain views are really something, ain't they?

    Tom, well we have colors, you guys got them wide open spaces and desert blooms are quite something as I discovered on my recent trip to Cabo. So much great diversity, always something new to discover, our little blue marble sure is spectacular. Some day I gotta make it out west by bike and ride some Real mountains!
    Oh and those were all with my little Cyber Shot P&S, it does handle color space nicely, course I did do some editing to make the color snap (which kinda blew out the sky in a few, coulda masked it, but what the hey). it was the combination of free-form poetry and mood set by the photos that I spent the real effort on. I've been getting kinda lax on my writing of late..

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    What an excellent eye for capturing beautiful scenery. Thanks for showing us!

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    NIce colors, nice composition, and the "point of reflection" double entendre, very clever.

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    Thanks for a most interesting and entertaining post. Great photos
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