Apologies if this has been done before but I could not find what I was looking for and I want to test the waters for interest.

There are three things that I look for when I am looking at motorcycle tours: Friends, Support, and Expertise. Isnt that why we pay for tours but that is not what tour operators advertise they advertise the experience first and all else second. ǣSee Copper Canyon Ǫ yada yada Ǫ and the friendly and experienced guidesǪ yada yada"

So Ǫ I was thinking that I am satisfying what I want out of travel as an indirect result of paying the premium of an organized tour. I suspect others do the same. All we want is to go out and ride off the beaten path swap stories have a few drinks and have someone call 911 if we break a leg

Lets form a group for the express purpose of getting out there and supporting each other on a motorcycle without paying that premium. Here is my proposal:
Lets get together for an extended trip once year about 5 days or so
Optionally, overseas trip proposal - once every year go/no-go depending on interest, e.g. ring tour of Iceland for two weeks
Plus, twice a year long weekend trips somewhere agreeable to most

Thats it. We all are busy people and its tough to find time to ride but if we agree to just a few ground rules well be on our way:
We pay our own way
Simple majority wins
We try to make the trips
We take care of each other on the road

We all have a common purpose that will satisfy our individual goals. In this way, well be getting exactly what we want out of trip: Travel is better with friends; there is someone to help or call for help when things go wrong. What we are missing is the local and practical expertise that an experienced tour operator can provide but with all things being equal, I would prefer to learn with friends rather than from a tour company.

I'll sponsor the website and serve as an administrator. All are welcome regardless of location or bike.

~ curt