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Thread: My First pair of Tourance Tires

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    My First pair of Tourance Tires

    I have never had this tire before, It felt great on the way home. Anybody got a guess as to how long they would last on my GS? How many miles can I get on the rear driving "normal"?

    My last dunlop lasted about 8000 and that was letting it go way too long.Most of my miles unfortuately are on asphalt.



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    Riding styles

    I have used tourances for 6 plus years and 83,000 miles on my 02 GS and they average 8-10 thousand on the rear and 10 to 13 thousand on the front. I tried Dunlops and switched back. That is a great tire and search around for good prices on line.


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    I had a bad experience with a Tourance on my'03 Alaska trip. Put it on in Fairbanks and 3000 miles later, it had a flat spot with bald tread. The rest of the tire had 3/16" tread left. Changed it out in Grand Forks, ND with what I could get--a Duro (Chinese tire).

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    Metzeler Tourance Opinion

    I am 185lbs, 90% of my riding is solo. My tire pressure is 29 front, 32 rear. Ambient temperatures that I'm riding, vary from 28?? to 110?? farenheit. Living in the Pacific North-West requires me riding in the wet conditions more than average. I used those tires on my 2001 R1150GS excusivley on paved roads. and I absolutely loved performance of those tires. In regular road conditions they performed flawlessly, excelent traction, razor-sharp handling, quiet, and predictable behaviors. I consider my riding style to be smooth, and consistent, without too many hard braking, or accelerating.
    And I understand this has huge impact on the tire life-expectancy.
    Never the less, my original set lasted 30,000 miles - yes 30,000 miles. Even mechanics at Ride West BMW were suprised. On my previous bike, R1100GS that came with Michelins, I got 28,700 miles on the first set. They were just as good as Metzelers. So, in my opinion, if your riding style is similar to mine you can not go wrong with either one of those. Good luck with your choice.

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    I got 14k out of the rear & 22k out of the front originals on my 12GS.

    Can't get over 10k & 15k on 1150.
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    I usually replace both at the same time somewhere between 12 and 15K. Around the 12 mark I start looking at them more often and point out to myself how nice it is to have new rubber.

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