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Thread: fork seal leak

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    fork seal leak

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the 650 world, as I own a 1200GS. My girlfriend just bought a 650 GS (new 2007) and is in the process of learning how to ride. It was put away for winter recently, and when I went to knock the dust off it, I noticed that one of the fork seals has a massive leak. By "massive" I mean oooozing out, down the fork, onto the rim and tire, and a small puddle on the floor.

    With 100 miles on the bike, and exclusive on-road use, I found it odd. Is this covered under warranty? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Its warantee all the way for this! No issue here for BMW to fix at their expense. 2007 model should have three years, into 2010 sometime before the warantee expires. Maybe more if she bought the extended plan. Used or new purchases of bikes inside the warantee period does not matter, as its still in effect with any owner until the initial buyer, 3 year period expires. New seals are a bit rare for leaking so badly, but you have one and it needs attention. They are quite easy to change yourself if a dealer is far away. Randy 13233

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    thanks, to both of you, for the advice!

    back to the dealer it will go. The 6 hour round trip will be a good excuse to test out her bike. (probably will be spring now that the snow is flying)

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