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Thread: Vintage Airhead mechanics/shops Los Angeles area?

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    Vintage Airhead mechanics/shops Los Angeles area?

    I'm looking for a good mechanic/shop to look over and perform some work on a 1969 R60US. Someone recommended Black Kat Motorworks in Venice. I've called and left messages several times but have yet to hear back from them. Anyone know whats up with them or have a good experience with another shop in the L.A. area that you would recommend ?

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    Black Cat

    Rick is a good guy and an excellent tech. There are too many bikes in his shop and I think he's a bit swamped by the work. I love Black Kat because it's in Venice and old fashioned style open shop. Like your bike, everything is a bit slower compares with modern glassy BMW shops and corporation attitude. If this fits your style you should go pay him a visit. If you love corporation style operation, it's not your idea place to go. Good luck.

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    Blk Kt

    Hey Joplin, thanks for the tip, saw you there tuesday with your R60 custom. Exactly the kind of shop and mechanic I was looking for. Wish it were closer but Venice California is not a bad place to hang while waiting for the bike. Plus you meet interesting people at Rick's shop!

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