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Thread: Trout Fishing in Ameri...Wyoming!

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    Jan 1st is opener for winter fly fishing here!!! I've actually never gone buy my neighbor does.

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    Wake a sleeping dog

    Did someone say flyfishing?
    How far from the rally site is too far ? Perspective, riding from the East Coast - another 5 hours out and back is no big deal. An overnight ?

    Fit a rally day into the fishing schedule ?


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    Yes! I would like to do a "dawn to late afternoon" fish trip. The Miracle Mile/Platte is 4 +hours out and four back, and that may be just about my limit, but would like to find some good fishing a bit closer.....

    I was thinking Friday may be a good day

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    Count me in! I have my trusty Popiel's Pocket Fisherman. We should be able to find a large iron skillet for a fresh trout dinner and some tasty local brew. Man! that sounds so good right about now.

    Merry Christmas
    Pat Carol
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    We can always accommodate a larger trout into a smaller pan by cutting the fish in 4 to 6" sizes.

    Let's have a trout party

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    Count Me In !!!

    Packing my Cabela's 5 piece travel flyrod and a box of flies.
    Don Burns
    '02 R 1150 GSA
    "If everything is coming your way, then you're in the wrong lane."- Unknown

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    New to this forum (as far as posting goes) I made trip last year to Last Chance and fished three days. (I will try to upload a pic) Also a pic from Beartooth Pass (same trip)
    I hope to make it to Gillette (doubt I spelled it right) If I do make it I will have my fly rod.
    I would be very interested in side trip to fish.

    (guess the pics did not come thru) (figured it out)

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    Jeff and other New Riders of The Purple Sgae Fishermen NRPSF? As a suggestion, as the time comes closer, let s see if we can figure out a time and a place to go, and where we could link up. Loved the picture Jeff! Welcome to the BMWMOA! Im looking forward to wetting a line with you all!


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    Just sent an email to my flyfishing friend in Gillette. Once I know his suggestions, you'll know. Pan fried trout sounds mighty tasty.

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    It's about Rally fishing time, boys and girls!

    So all these well organised groups at the Rally have events planned, maps drawn; All I want to do is go fishing!

    I guess by the very nature of Master Baiting, the fishermen in the crowd have no planned activities.

    And I still think planning too much for Saturday early morning to go fish would be an overkill, but still once there we will never find each other in the crowd

    But is there anyone out there wanting to get up early Saturday (my pref) and go find some trout to catch?

    Lets get-it-together

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