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Thread: Tool kit recomendations?

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    Now if we could just get Brad to wash his bike. What was it you said Saturday, two years?

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    Why waste time washing it when I can be riding it?

    Let's see picked it up on June 18, 2002... last wash of the whole bike... June 18, 2002

    I have done the basic rub down of the front and removing bugs and stuff.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    I dunno. I like to keep my bikes fairly clean. If you work on them yourself, few things are worse than working with a dirty motorcycle.

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    I agree with Dave.

    My background is maintaining equipment in a corrosive environment (salt water) and daily washing was a part of maintenance.

    Washing the bike not only keeps it pretty but often during the wash you can spot things that if left unattended could cause much larger problems down the road. Some good examples are little fluid leaks, loose fasteners or pinched cables.

    As always YMMV.


    Rob Nye

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    I went into the honda shop yesterday and saw a tire pump that you thread into a sparkplug hole and, according to directions, turn over or run the engine to pump the tire.
    It seems almost to simple, but logical. Has anyone out there ever used one of these?

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    So is this thread about washing or tool kits??
    As for washing, what's that? Isn't that what riding in the rain is for? Besides a nice coating of oil with a little layer of dirt over it protects the finish and prevents rust! The most you wash it, the faster it gets dirty, I figure it can only get *so* dirty then any more dirt will just fall off.

    As for the the other part of the thread:

    Besides stuff already mentioned I keep the following items with me

    Bailing wire
    Electrical tape
    Several lengths of electrical wire in the two main gages used on my bike
    Fuel line cut to longest length of line on the bike
    Several different sizes hose clamps
    Extra set of plugs
    Socket wrench and sockets in most used sizes, plus some hex head (?) sockets
    A bag of nuts, washers and bolts in most common sizes

    Believe it or not, it all fits in the tool carrier that I swap between my /5 and /7

    I also carry a light weight tarp, ties downs (for tarp) 4 pegs, GPS and rain suit on any day long rides. Living where I do, VA and spending as much time on back roads in areas that are sparsely populated (for the my area) esp. in WV and the fact that we often get some pretty bad thunder storms, esp during summer, I find it handy to have something to throw over the bike and stretch out into a little lean to wait out a really bad storm. Trying to ride thru mountains when its pitch black in pouring rain just aint worth it. Takes all of 3 minutes to set something up and the storms generally dont last that long, least the worst part.

    Oh yeah, and a collapsible fishing pole and small tackle box in the fairing of my /7, or the tank bag when I'm on the /5. You never know when the perfect little stream might pop into view.

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