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Thread: 2008 Gillette National - attending or not?

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    2008 Gillette National - attending or not?

    Lets get some feedback from the membership, who is attending, not attending, not sure yet?

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    I'm not sure because I have family coming to visit from Australia. If they aren't here during the rally, I will definitely be there.

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    Beemerphan Radar41's Avatar
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    Longmont, CO
    My wife and I have never been to a major rally, because of work/family obligations. However, we are now retired and . . . . . . . We would like to attend this year. We are NOT campers and will be looking for hotel accomidations. Count us in! Where do we sign up?

    Don "Radar" Wreyford
    00 K1200LT, 98 R1100GS AE, 84 R100RS, 76 R75/6
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    Registered User Rapid_Roy's Avatar
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    I put attending, but I have to start working on my wife now.
    I hope to go though.
    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    Certifiable Old Fart beemerdons's Avatar
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    Chandler, AZ

    Count on a dozen AZ Beemers coming and we're going to have real fun in the July heat!

    We AZ Beemers will definitely be camping at Gillette next July, because it is just so damned cold here in Phoenix in July; we do want to go where it's much warmer!

    Ha, just kidding! It's amazing to me how large a lightning rod placement of our International Rally in Gillette, Wyoming has become. The reality is that Gillette is where our 2008 BMW MOA Rally is placed and we Zonie desert rats will be there!


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    Registered User tourunigo's Avatar
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    we are there for sure. Arriving with about 9,000 miles of travel (zig zaging all over the place) prior to the rally we look forward to 'landing' in one spot with lot's of interesting folks....and, setting up house keeping in a Sherpa (as soon as we can reserve)..... there goes the neighborhood!. See ya. -Bob and Mary
    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    Ute's Chauffeur
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    Sep 2006
    Central NY

    Not this time

    For the time we will have its too far and there is not enough non-motorcycle stuff for my wife when we are not at the vendors, seminars, etc. Looking forward to the NE and SE regions though.

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    Ex-Camping guy sherpamayberry's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by tourunigo View Post
    ....and, setting up house keeping in a Sherpa (as soon as we can reserve).....

    (ok, maybe too subtle. Reservations are now open!)
    Last edited by SherpaMayberry; 11-06-2007 at 04:05 PM.

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    Bloomington, IL

    Thumbs up

    ABSOLUTELY...especialy since KENK won't be there!
    Chuck Manley #12106
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    Rally Rat RGVILLA's Avatar
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    Rural Valley, PA
    not going, but not because I don't like the site. I just have other plans. I'm going to be in Bend Oregon with family. The national is just a little to big for me, no matter where it is held. I will be having fun riding my dual purpose bike in Oregon. I had my big trip to Wyoming this summer and enjoyed myself immensly, including passing through Gillette. Hope everyone has a great rally and safe riding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasman View Post
    ABSOLUTELY...especialy since KENK won't be there!
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker
    05-GS Rock Red 101k miles
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    I'll be there

    wanna volunteer?

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    Registered User greenwald's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Sheboygan, WI

    Lodging May Be A Problem

    After visiting my daughter in Castle Rock, CO and doing some scenic riding in the Rockies, I plan to swing thru Gillette to take in the Rally on my way back to WI. Just don't know where I can stay, since the actual rally day might have to be a last minute decision.

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    RK Ryder
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    London, Ontario
    Why of course! I plan on travelling on many interesting roads before and after Gillette. Last year I began with the RA in Asheville and then kept on riding until West Bend. I am looking for a similar ride next year. At the rally, I'll volunteer setting up and registering members as I did in West Bend, take in seminars and see what the vendors have to offer. I am hoping that the entertainment is as great as what we had in Wisconsin.
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
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    I Used to Be Someone sheridesabeemer's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
    I'll be there

    wanna volunteer?
    You plugging stuff in again?
    I got some ideas how to make that process more smoooth.
    Gail Hatch
    SheRidesABeemer's Blog
    05 R12GS
    87 K75CT

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