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Thread: Myrtle Beach to Gillette

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    Myrtle Beach to Gillette

    Leaving Myrtle Beach,SC on my GS on the 12th of July, plan on riding through land of the Lakes in KY, i need to make it to Deadwood by the 17th, spending the next day riding around the area, will be camping in Gillette after that,plan on heading down through Colorado and heading back to South Carolina to be home the following weekend.
    Anyone that wants to ride along some of the way or more ...let me know, i plan on staying off the Interstate as much as time will allow.

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    I'll probably leave around the same time...maybe a day or so earlier. I'm not sure of my plans yet. My SO may fly to Denver and meet me on the 15th or 16th and ride to Gillette with me. I may look you up if she backs out.


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    i need to pick my wife up on the 17th in Rapid city at the aiport to be in Deadwood the 17th and then on to Gillette, stay in touch.

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    Riding to Gillette

    Neighbor and I are planning on riding from Murrells Inlet to Gillette as well. We have reservations in Deadwood for the 15th, 16th and would not mind some riding companions for the journey.
    Our return is not yet planned, but probably out over the Big Horns, possibly to Yellowstone? and drop down through Colorado. But we are flexible, just need to put some miles on. Have about 2 weeks allocated, give or take.


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    great! when do you plan on leaving? i have about two weeks also, there is a lot of great riding around Deadwood i am told,looking forward to it!

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    PM me and we'll hook up.
    At this point the only firm dates are the reservations in Deadwood, and the plan to attend the rally.


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    I am leaving Wilmington around July 1st (possibly a day or two later) to visit friends inthe Denver area, visit and ride with them for a while. My friends and I are planning to ride to Gillette on July 16th. I am plannign to leave Gillette on July 20th and start the trip home to Wilmington (planning on four days for the trip). I would love to have a "local" partner for the trip home (or out), so let me know if this would work with your plans.

    Bill Murray
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    Just moved To Charleston

    Unfortunatly cannot make this rally but keep me in mind for other road trips.

    Charleston Rider.

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