Speaking of whom, I think RR was being a little hard on himself with this week's submission. This is a nicely composed, well-exposed shot. It does fit the theme and is not without visual interest. What's not to like? What does grab my attention in this shot is the vine creeping up the wall--this makes for a much more specific subject. Suppose Roy had decided to move in just a bit closer and perhpas compose the shot vertically, for something like this:

It's very easy for me to make a suggestion like this after the fact, and of course I accomplished this by breaking the rules. But it helps to notice the details about a scene that grabs your attention. Sure, it's interesting, but what specifically is interesting about it? Sometimes honing in on a detail reveals a more powerful image.

Oh, by the way, 1,000 bonus points for the new avatar. Very nice.

Thank you. I knew there was a picture in there, I wasn't happy with why I couldn't find it. There was something about that when I looked at it, and I should have taken more shots. If I had zoomed in and messed with some settings, it might have shown up better. I have learned to not rush. You have also shown me the eye is the best tool, my only drawback is mine is connected to my brain.