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Thread: Oil leak

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    Oil leak

    Can you tell me where this oil is leaking from?


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    That appears to be a leaking valve cover gasket to me.

    Clean it all up. Spray it with a white powdery antiperspirant spray. then the brown stain in the white powder will become obvious as to its source.
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    Followed by the usual cautions of not "fixing" it by over-tightening the bolts and stripping the center one.
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    Looks like a pre-'75 head? If those are exposed stud tubes that I see through the head fins, you may have oil leaking around the tubes, between the steel tube and the aluminum. The O-rings under the rocker tower sleeves are supposed to control that. BMW no longer sells the right O-ring for that spot, but I can dig the dimensions out if that is the problem.

    You need to pull off one rocker at a time, slide the sleeves off the towers, and see if you have O-rings under there.

    Some of this may be described on my website.
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    Thanks for the help. I've replaced the valve cover, cleaned it up and will watch it. If it's still leaking, I'll check the o rings.

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