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Thread: Bing Carberator Cleaning - Ultrasonic

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    Bing Carberator Cleaning - Ultrasonic

    Good evening,

    I will be stripping the 32mm Bing carbs shortly and have purchased an Ultrasonic cleaner big enough to accommodate the entire body.

    What solution works well under these circumstances. With the right solution, is heating the solution necessary or needed.

    Read so many comments, I thought I would turn to the board of wisedom to see what others have experienced.
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    Don't know of a solution but the carb must be completely stripped...this includes the butterflies and the o-rings. Care is needed to reinstall the shafts and repeen the screws.
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    Soapy water
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    +1 on soapy water.

    Straight out of the bottle Simple Green is another good one.
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    Given that the carb body is aluminum, you do not want to use a strongly alkaline cleaner, such as TSP.

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    I purchased a riding mower with a Kawasaki motor that wasn't running. Ethanol was the culprit. Carbs were gummed up BAD. I soaked it in a tub of pinesol. Tub was sitting on my generator while running for a few hours to act as a ultrasonic. Came out like a new carb. I learned of the trick over on ADVrider.
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    Yes, original amber Pinesol. I used it mixed with hot water to clean up a pair of throttle bodies.
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    Great results with S100

    I use a 10-1 dilution of water to S100 concentrate. In my ultrasonic that's big enough for one carb body, it takes several cycles until the water/s100 stays clean with the first cycle typically turning the solution black in 90 seconds. Then I purge the carb of the water/s100 with air, make several plain water sonic rinses with a final air pressure to purge and dry with a heat gun.
    John D'oh

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