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Thread: R75/5 warm up question??

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    R75/5 warm up question??

    Everything is going pretty good on this 71 R75/5.
    The rings are seated, the carbs are built and synced, the clutch and shocks are new, and it starts right up without the enricher.
    However, it takes at least 20 miles of riding before the carbs idle right.
    Is this normal?

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    What temps are you talking about for start up? I would think that some amount of enrichener is needed, maybe to mid detent in warmer outside temps. Obviously, nothing is usually needed with a hot engine like after a gas stop.

    Doesn't sound normal to me. Not sure what the issue could be. I usually start with full choke, bump to 1/2 choke after about 15-30 seconds, begin rolling shortly after that and within the first few blocks of my neighborhood, I'm completely off choke.
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    Is this normal?

    20 miles seems a bit high but most Airhead's take some miles to fully warm up. e.g. My R90s has almost no power when twisting the throttle until I've ridden at least 3-4 miles, in warm weather.

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    Airheads are cold-hearted. But not, as a friend would say, "as cold-hearted as his ex-wife's lawyer".

    I think about 5 miles gets me close to full operating temp....
    1973 R75/5

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