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    BMWs, Ducs, Surrounded, holding their own.

    Sunday March 7, 2004

    Luckenbach, TEXAS (Reuters)

    Two Ducatis and a handful of gorgeous BMWs with extremely good-looking and intelligent riders were spotted today in Luckenbach, Texas. Tremendously outnumbered but never outclassed, their riders kept their cool and did the best they could to blend in.

    Not really a town, but more of a legend, Luckenbach is a popular place for Texas motorcyclists. It represents an idealized world where people travel on two wheels and the post office sells beer. Perhaps that's why it's so popular, and why it's post office was voted "Coolest P.O" in People Magazine's annual ranking of postal facilities.

    Seen in these satellite photos and other images below, the BMW riders do their best to blend in and look normal. They forgot to wear bandanas, earrings, half-finger gloves, and sturgis shirts, but somehow were not accosted by the pack. Their motorcycles, curiously lacking in chrome, caused many befuddled stares, as they also seemed to have malfunctioning odometers showing tens of thousands of miles.

    "Gal-dang!" said one gentleman. "Boy if I spent that much for a bike, I'd sure be pissed if it had a screwed up odometer on that. It's like he had it hooked up to his trailer wheels or something! Dang!"

    When the BMW rider attempted to explain that those were real miles, and his bike was almost broken in, the other had to restrain him for fear of causing what the locals refer to as a "ruckus." This same BMW rider has been openly mocked at BMW-only events for not riding enough and babying his bike.

    A good time was had by all, the weather was perfect and new friends were made. And Waylon and Willie could be heard plucking over by the creek...

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    Satellite shot of Luckenbach

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    Exhibit A
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    Exhibit B
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    Thumbs up Most excellent

    Darn near made me wish I was out of all this snow and lived somewhere with a lot of sun. Nah.
    Thanks for sharing.
    What is up with the satellite photo? For real?
    I thought I saw a Kawalski - I did, I did.

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    I think the "SAtellite photo"is a declassified after action photo of a bombing run on Vietnam that missed.

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    Thanks for taking us along! That R100RS is beautiful.
    Dave Swider
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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    agreed, that bike is gorgeous. that guy pulled up, i think he was from san antonio, and he cruised into that parking spot smoother than a gravy sandwich.

    i have to confess, i did not take that satellite photo - my satellite is at the cleaners. but it is a real satellite photo.

    the building just to the right of the arrow is the dance hall you see in exhibit a. i was too low in the other photos posted to see the other buildings, but theyre there. im told that whole freakin area fills up with bikes when the weather is really nice.

    we stuck around for about 25 minutes. it was a really nice day out, and we wanted to ride, not sit and jaw. i'll probably go back someday and spend a little more time there. everyone was real friendly and it had a good vibe.


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    Thumbs up Thanks Dude!

    This is what makes using these boards nice!
    easy going reports of members having the time of their life, makes me feel like I was there or would like to be there, again tahnks from me and those who can't type yet....:mona

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