I will add some Roads for the ones coming to the 08 Rally, that may interest some of you. As well as some things in the Area to maybe do or see. I will add to this thread as I can. I'm at work this weakend, So I will See what roads I get time for. This is a place that You can also post good roads to ride here in N.E. Wyoming Area and all the states around that may be fun to hit on the way in or out from the rally! So Add your Road. From Gillette, there are a lot of good Loops to take, for day trips or a nice afternoon ride from here. Here is just one to start with. Day Trip. Big Horn Loop, From Gillette take HW14/16 North to Spotted Horse, Clearmont, and Ucross. Then take HW 14 to Sheridan,WY. Take I-90 up to Ranchester. Take HW14 to Burgess Jct. then Down threw Shell Cannon, also stop at the rest area to see the water falls. Then on down to Greybull,WY. Take HW 20 to Manderson then take 31 over to Ten Sleep,WY. Take HW16 up the South side of the Big Horns up to Medowlark lake then on up to Powder River Pass. Then Down to Buffalo,WY. Then 68 miles of I-90 back to Gillette. So there is one trip. Richard