OK, you can make up loop trips to no end here. AS you all get here to the Black Hills area, STOP and pick up one or two of the local Black Hills maps!!!!! This map is FREE. The map will show you most of the roads in the WY/SD Black Hills Area. One trip you should do is from Four Corners. That is 18 miles North of Newcastle,WY on HW 85. Form Four Corners go East on the dirt to Deerfield,SD. So take road 810 to 110 into SD to Deerfield then East to Hill City,SD. That is a nice ride. Here is a Loop in Wyoming Black Hills that you can take, and also stop by Devils Tower. This could also be a fun trip. (Red, take fly rod ) From Gillette go to Moorcroft,WY. At exit 153 go North on dirt. This road will take you up to Oshoto,WY. From there you can go East and come out at HW 14 then East to HW 24 North to Devils Tower. Now back at Oshoto,WY you can keep going North, this will be the back side of Missouri Buttes and the Tower. Stay north to New Haven,WY. From there the road will swing to the East and bring you out at the pavement at Hulett,WY. From there you can go South 10 miles to the Tower, if you like. Now here is just some more dirt roads that you should know about. These roads will take you up into the N.F. of the Northern Black Hills. Just North from the Tower is road 847. Just South of Hulett,WY is 849. Now back at Hulett go east on HW 24. to you get to Alva,WY. One more road here is 859 South up in the Hills. Or keep East on HW 24 anothere 5 or 8 miles is road 838. Take 838 if you like all the way to Sundance,WY. Now if you don't take all the way South, take road 843 east that is up top still. Go 843 East down to HW 111. At 111 go South, tell you come out at I-90. There on the North side is a frontage road. Take the frontage road East. Now then between here an Beulah,WY is the Buffalo Jump PIT. Stop and take a look, your there anyway! Then on East to Beulah,WY. Here, also Exit 205 off of I-90 is a Blue ribbon trout stream. ( Red, still have your pole) Go South from here on road 863 it follows Sand Creek, that is a Spring Creek. Some good, but tough fishing is here in this spring creek! Now take 863 south to 141 to 875 into SD. Now in SD it is now called 175, stay on 175 witch passes over HW85. Stay on 175 onto you get to 231 south then to 117 south to 110. From here at 110 if you go East you will end up at Deerfield,SD. But you will go West back into Wyoming, tell you get to 810. 810 South is Bever Creek Road. Stay South 810 to you come out at HW 16. Go West to Newcastle,WY. Stop by the old Mill for some pie! Now, after your full of pie. Go West HW 16 back to Moorcroft,WY. Yep then back West to Gillette. This is just one of lots, to see and do here in the Area! Richard