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Thread: Push to talk button for Motorola Talk About

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    Push to talk button for Motorola Talk About

    Has anyone used the BMW push to talk button or does J & M make a PTT system without buying an entire system? I have a couple of Motorola Talk About's, want to use them but will a PTT button? Not looking to spend mucho $$$$, just want to be able to communicate.

    Thanks, Jeff A

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    Check out these accessories.....

    Great folks to deal with and they have the best prices on the Motocomm stuff. I use their PTT's and they work great.


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    MCN (the magazine-not internet) just did a story on "Bike-to-Bike on a Budget" . They listed three headsets. RocketMate or Sierra Electronics two that have separate ear phones. Anyone using another headsets? I am looking into getting the headset for FRS.

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    I'd call the local Motorola distributor and ask them. We have a great one here in Vegas, and they have a few offices nationwide. Try google-ing "Macintosh Communications". Surprisingly, they have great prices. I've bought accesories both for my cell phone and the radios I use at work straight from them.

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