pruned from the rounder's board:

Praise the Lord! After 7 weeks i finally go out on the bike this past week, just some short rides interrupted by impromptu burritos and unexpected haircuts. The weather towards the end of last week wasn't the best, so my shots might not be as vibrant as some of those previously posted.

here's the first shot of the day, across the gorge you can see bright, vivid oranges, yellows and reds, fall in new england is spectacular in this regard:

and one of the bike, with a lovely picturesque lake scene in the background. the water is littered with recently fallen leaves, their colors radiating in the mid morning sun, simply gorgeous:

nothing but a glorious palate of every color under the rainbow:

a little later in the day i caught this scene, the pastoral beauty of the quabbin reservoir watershed, nothing but green as far as the eye could see:

and this little guy, a harbinger of hope that maybe summer is finally, this last week of october, coming to an end:

i hope you all enjoyed the colors of fall as presented by Mr. B. Zanetti.