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Hey, I appreciate the map/ferry info. Looks cool, worth checking out. You seem to get around.
There is lots more map info on the link below my signature pic. See the 2nd post in that link. The FREE ADAC maps are a bonus and provide all the tour suggestions one could need to start riding the Alps, but then you live there and probably know them all.

Get around? If you only knew how little compared to most BMW riders.

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Have you ridden in southern Italy? I've heard ALOT of people, many Italian, telling me to forget about driving or riding south of Rome as the drivers and roads are horrible. How many km til you got out of second????
I've never been south of Livorno yet. I'd like to see Cinque Terre (up the coast a bit) and also the Amalfi coast, but all in time. I wouldn't worry about driving in southern Italy as long as you are attentive, but that applies when driving anywhere. I always get secure locked parking where ever I go and thats probably more important in the south.

My plan is to do Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily in the near future. If it wasn't for work!!!