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Thread: Chasing The Sun -- Morro Bay & The Fungal Bunch

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    Chasing The Sun -- Morro Bay & The Fungal Bunch

    Over in the campfire, plans were made & remade for what's become something of an
    annual event. The Fungal Ride.

    This year, the northern contingent bailed for a variety of reasons. We made a decision to
    head South instead. Our destination? Morro Bay. A lovely state park south of the town
    of Morro Bay.

    Dave & Tina and their friend Colby met Stephen, Sharon and I at Casa Burnzilla.

    A quick trip to Darryl's to pick him up. Check out the view. That's Monterey Bay in
    the background.

    We had a peek at a vintage bike. This beauty is receiving TLC. Darryl started it up
    and there were a bunch of guys standing around like kids in a candy store.

    Here he is showing off more vintage goodness.

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    We met skippy the dog. I was mean and teased him with a danish...

    After all that vintage goodness, a coffee and danish, we were off. Darryl in the
    lead. He took us through the back roads he knows so well to King City where we
    dined on Mexican food at a small place in the middle of town.

    One of the roads we did ride was Carmel Valley Road (G16). I've ridden this a few times
    and I'll say it again. If you find yourself in the area, you owe yourself a ride down this
    wonderful motorcylists road.

    Here we are at the Taqueria.

    The food was delicious.

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    Dave is nutz.

    We got a late start and with an hour or so to ride yet, we decided to head out to
    46 and the coast. At least some of us did. Burnzilla and Sharon went North when
    we went South--whoops.

    Arriving at the park, we got camp set up, grabbed a bite to eat and then walked back
    for four bundle fire.

    Apparently, we picked the campsite right below the bird one escaped the
    birds. But I think Darryl got the worst of it.

    We made a bit of a dent in the 'Mouthwash'.

    Here's what our campfire looked like in the morning.

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    I don't have many pictures from Sunday. I'd made a decision to slab it home after
    discovering a missing bolt on the exhaust. I was able to make a better repair (than
    zip ties). I'm getting ahead of myself.

    After packing up on Sunday, the destination of Santa Margarita & Tina's Place became
    the destination for breakfast. Here, we lost Dave and Tina. They mistakenly headed
    back out 46 to 101 and Paso Robles. We on the other hand, headed out to 58.

    Breakfast was great. The help wonderful and an enjoyable conversation after which,
    we gassed up and headed our separate ways.

    As I mentioned, I was able to make a better repair usng some wire to fix the hanger
    and decided to head out to the coast for the remaining 100 or so miles to Monterey.

    Not too many pictures as traffic sucked and I wanted to make time. Some kind of
    bicycle thing didn't make it any easier.

    I stopped in the funky hamlet of Big Sur for a snack and beverage. I never realized
    there was a library there?

    All in all, it was a great trip. I travelled roads I never knew about that are in my
    own backyard. Got to see a fantastic vintage bike and get a history lesson too. Plus
    I got to hang out with some great people.

    I guess the first annaual YB West Coast Rally was a huge success

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    Great report, Ian. Thanks for all the pictures. It's kiiling me that you guys were so close. I couldn't make it over because of a work thing on Saturday night. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves and everyone returned safe and sound.

    Well, safe anyway.

    Oh, and bummer about the bird bathroom. Yikes.

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    I guess I better get off the dime and get my photos up, huh?
    Dave Swider
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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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