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Thread: cross country route

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    Question cross country route

    A group of us plan to ride cross country next summer, taking about 3 weeks. Leaving from CT and wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a northern route. Prefer non-interstate, but we realize some of that is unavoidable.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    How far north?

    I took US 30 from South Jersey into IL, then up to Chicago and west on US 20 thru NE many years ago. Into WY and south to Boulder CO, then west. Meandered thru Moab UT then up to Salt Lake City. West on I-80 into NV (su*ked), then US 58 thru Lake Tahoe (one of the most beautiful places on earth) and Sacramento to San Francisco.

    Lots of options. Have fun!

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    Check out Rt 6 Grand Army of the Repuplic Highway, the first transcontinential highway started in 1807. runs from New England thru PA to Erie then west around the great lakes and all the way to Ca. Some Parts now are co-joined with interstates but the eastern part is still mostly 2 lane blacktops. Once the longest road it is now #2 being surpassed by US RT. 20.

    here's a link for the part that is probably the most interesting (eastern section thru PA)

    It also runs close by the Flight 93 memorial temporary site.


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    Quote Originally Posted by peterbenedict View Post
    Prefer non-interstate, but we realize some of that is unavoidable. Thanks for any suggestions.
    Interstates ARE avoidable. Simply do not get on the interstate.

    Suggestion #2: Keep heading west. When you can't go west, go north or south until you can go west. If you keep doing that, eventually you will find you have crossed the country.

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    Lincoln Highway

    This summer, Heidi and I spent a lot of time on the Lincoln Highway. We crossed Iowa and Nebraska on US 30 (basicly the Lincoln Highway) and found many interesting places and towns. Did not touch the interstate until we reached the Wy border.

    While we were attending the 49er Rally this year, we spent time on the Lincoln Highway in California , from Truckee to Auburn. Some interstate involved, but also some very historic places, including Donner Pass and the tunnels of the transcontinental railroad. The tracks were pulled and rerouted some years ago, so you can ride through the tunnels built in the late 1860's. Pretty cool.

    Don't have the site right now, but google Lincoln Highway, and you will find information by state from the east coast to the west.

    There are many routes available to go in any direction you desire and they do not need to be the interstate. Just pick one and enjoy.

    bob still

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    I liked this book:
    Click for Road Trip USA link

    Lots of folks here have ridden Highway 2. I guess it depends on how North of a route you want to take.

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    There is always Canada also...

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    I like US-36 from Uhrichsville, Ohio to Byers, Colorado.
    Get your kicks on route 36.

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