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Thread: A long ride before the first snow of the season

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    A long ride before the first snow of the season

    Snow was correctly forecasted for today, it's falling as I type, nice big fluffy snowflakes and its sticking dammit! Oh well, temps in next few days are in the 60s so it should go away pretty quick.

    Based on the forecast, went for what was supposed to be a 500 mile ride to Alliance, NE to qualify me for the 500mile in 12 hour certification from the LongDistanceRiders folks, an alternative the the ironbutt organization certification.

    I combined the ride with a destination I'd been wanting to see since before the annual BMWMOA rally, a replica of Stonehenge but made up of junked cars. It's pretty cool actually, considering you're looking at junked cars.

    More in the blog.

    Now to fire up the snow blower.....
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