Since I'm not riding down to California this weekend, I figured I'd put the finishing touches on a report about a cross-country ride that the botanist and I did last month. It's in sort of a blog format, which I updated as internet access was available, and then I went through and polished things up a bit afterward.

Here it is.

A little background: my wife finished her PhD in botany last year, and landed a post-doctoral research job at Duke, in Durham NC. It's only a 2-year position, so we weren't real interested in selling our house in Portland, and I wasn't real interested in quitting my job, relocating, job-hunting and then quitting after a year and a half. Nor, to be totally honest, was I interested in living full-time in North Carolina. Not a fan of heat or humidity (and the 3rd "H", the Carolina Hurricanes, are the only NHL team I truly hate).

So anyway, she drove out in the car, found a house, got settled, flew back, and we saddled up the bikes and rode. Somewhere during the planning stage, we decided to add a thousand miles and visit my Dad in Maine and make it a Portland-to-Portland trip, with a little southward spiral at the end of it.

Aside from Yellowstone, we didn't stop and do much along the way. We will take it much easier on the return trip, now that we know what's out there to see.