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Thread: R1150R Leak from top of Crown wheel housing?

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    Question R1150R Leak from top of Crown wheel housing?

    While on a northwest vacation with my wife, we store the R1150R inside our toy trailer and do local rides wherever we camp for the nite. She has poor knees and cannot ride for long periods, so this is our compromise. I will ride with other people on long rides (southwest, mexico, etc.). It works well for both of us..

    The question is: While returning to Lake Tahoe (home) coming up to higher altitude, the "R" leaked some fluid out of the top of the Crown Wheel housing on the final drive from the black piece at the top dripping down onto the floor of the trailer (about a 2 in circle on the floor.. What's up with that?? is there that much pressure in the reservoir for the altitude to make a difference. Has it been over filled (Serviced by BMW in Reno)? Anyone else had that problem.

    Otherwise she's a great machine with zero problems and taken me as far as the Tip of Baja to the south across the ferry to Mazatlan, as far east as Colorado, and as far north as Canada. Hoping to make the International meet in Gillette.

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    Very likely overfilled. Wouldn't worry about it. Enjoy the ride.

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    That is a "vent" and they do that sometimes when altitude changes occur. It probably is not a problem.

    BUT, they can also do that when moisture has gotten into the housing which will cause increased foaming, thus increased volume in the oil.

    Since foamy oil with moisture in it doesn't lubricate as well as it should, as a precaution I would change the final drive oil.
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