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Thread: New guy intro and a question

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    New guy intro and a question

    Hello Everyone!!

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Peter and I live in Somerset, PA (SW PA) with my wife and kids. For some dumb reason I dropped out of motorcycling for a few years and have now decided to get back into the sport. After careful discussions (me begging) with my wife she finally acquiesced to me getting a motorcycle.

    This brings me to my current state. In the market for a used R bike. I'll be mostly using the motorcycle for a 70 mile round trip commute through the Laurel Highlands with the occasional long weekend trip away from home. I've currently got my eye on several mid 90's R1100RS's and I've got a question.

    At what mileage does it not make sense to buy this bike used. Being mechanically inclined I tend to not let high mileage scare me as some others would. For instance my last car was a Subaru Outback Wagon that we bought with 118K knowing that it would have plenty of life left.

    Thanks for the help and I look forward to everyones answers.


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    Welcome! I suggest you hunt around in the Oilheads forum area, you'll find a lot of discussions about the RS's longevity -- and foibles -- there. Voni will no doubt respond, she has 3 or 4 hundred thousand miles on hers. My own R11RS, now in semi retirement in a friend's garage in Germany, has 197k on it, though I did blow up the motor at only 180k while running down the autobahn. There are many others with high mileage RSes.
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    Welcome aboard!

    Post some pic's of your ride after you put some spit and polish on it.
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    Consider a GS

    Welcome aboard!! Like you I was away from motorcycling for quite awhile and last year I ended up buying a 2002 GS with 11K on the clock for a very fair price. It was set up with Jesse's, Ohlins, Corbins and a number of other nice add-ons. It is as much fun on the road as off the road and there is not one thing I would change about it. Most of my riding is done 2 up and I'll put over 20K on the bike this year (with no commuting miles). There are many great deals out there on used bikes. Try to ride as many as you can before choosing.....but don't rule out the GS's!

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